Ending The Silence of Child Abuse

I’m told that people visit websites to see what they can find for themselves. So, I ask myself what will you find here? First, you will find a grandfather who, late in life, addressed his sexual abuse as a teenager at the hands of his minister. Next you will find complete honesty about the issues surrounding Child Sexual Abuse (as I see them) and the distortions they created in my life and in society.

If that were all there was, there would be no point in doing this. The real purpose is to give hope for survivors to seek recovery and healing. Healing is the operative word. Yes, I believe all survivors who seek it and are willing to do the incredibly difficult long-term work, can in fact be healed from the scars of Child Sexual Abuse. It is not an end but a path.

You will find blog posts that are comments on our culture of abuse. When conservative estimates are twenty percent of our children are sexually abused before they turn 18, we do in fact live in a culture of abuse; one where it is accepted or ignored by the majority of the population, our government, and our institutions. Here are a few places where we see the long term impact of abuse: estimates that 30-50 percent of the prison population were abused as children; over 80 percent of participants in residential alcohol and drug treatment centers were abused as children; 25-30 percent of perpetrators were abused as children (so it just keeps going); mental health clinics and private therapists offices are filled with survivors of abuse; loss of work and illness of survivors because of unresolved issues around abuse costs our society billions of dollars every year. One of the goals of this site is to shine a light on abuse, bring it out in the open and get people talking. Start the conversation. A world without Child Sexual Abuse is a wonderful vision.

As we work to change the culture of abuse I will post information on new legislation to support victims and survivors. New studies will be discussed here, as they become available, on new treatment of the issue, from education to alternatives in dealing with offenders who are frequently family members.

I sincerely hope you find something that will further your journey regarding abuse or your personal life journey.